KG-180 Low Temp Additive

KG-180 was developed to lower the cure temperature of Gun Kote (all bake on series) to address the need applicators had to coat substrates too sensitive to cure at 325F. How it works: KG-180 is a catalyst and when added to Gun-Kote starts “cross linking” the resins. It does what “heat” does. Instructions: KG-180 could not be simpler to use. 2% of KG-180 added to the total material weight being sprayed is all that’s needed. i.e. 1 ounce of Gun-Kote add .02 ounces of KG-180. 100 grams of Gun Kote add 2 grams of KG-180. Cure Temp after adding KG-180: Can range from 170 to 185 for one hour. Note: To assure full cure perform a chemical (MEK/Acetone) soak or scrub test. The additive is forgiving but, overloading the product will ruin the coating. The margin to work within is about .5%. Less than the recommend 2% can be corrected by cure temp and time. Adding amounts greater than 3% of the total material weight could destroy of the coatings adhesion and chemical resistance. Tests have been done at 6% and 7% which resulted in catastrophic failure. Do not Guess what the right amount is when adding KG-180. Caution: The additive over time will cause Gun-Kote to gel and is the reason it should not be added back into the original can. The pot life is quite long for a catalyst however. > 8 hours. KG is continually testing the product. As we learn more about it from customers and our own testing, we will provide updates when necessary.
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