Dip Stick™™ Hydrographic Dip Kit (For Ordering in the Continental USA ONLY)

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY!!! FOR ORDERS OF DIP KITS OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL USA, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE SO THAT YOUR SHIPPING WILL BE CALCULATED PROPERLY!! Add up to 4 extra rolls of film for no additional shipping charges!!! The Dip Stick™™ Hydrographic Dip Kit is a DO-IT-YOURSELF kit that allows you to customize your item using a variety of patterns to ANYTHING that is water submersible in the comfort of your own home. Our kit offers professional results without professional cost. Dip Stick™™ Hydrographic Dip Kits are a great value. The kit contains all of the materials you need to add that special touch to your item. The only thing that you provide is the container and water to dip your item in. NO SPECIAL WATER OR WATER TREATMENT IS REQUIRED. Just use the water straight from your tap. The Dip Stick™ Hydrographic Dip Kit can be applied to surface materials such as metals, wood, hard plastic, glass, etc...ANYTHING THAT CAN BE SUBMERGED INTO WATER. Just use your imagination. Be sure to choose the Pattern, Base Coat Color and Clear Coat Finish that you would like included in your kit. You can also add up to 4 extra rolls of film for no additional shipping charges, just choose the patterns you would like to add and they will be included in the box with your kit. EACH KIT CONTAINS 12 oz Can Base Coat Primer 12 oz Can Film Activator 12 oz Can Clear Coat Finish 1 Roll Hydrographic Film (6'6" x 20") 2 Pair Latex Free Gloves 1 Dust Mask 1 Scuff Pad 1 Cut-Thru Wipe (for use on metal) 1 Tack Cloth 1 Touch Up Paint Brush Detailed InstructionsAll extra film will be shipped in the standard 20" x 6.5' size *Requires a pdf viewer. File size is large and download speed will vary based on internet connection.
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