4000 K-Phos Pretreatment

K-Phos is a major breakthrough in the field of corrosion protection. It was developed to provide a simple method of applying an organic sealed phosphate coating to metal. Highly resistant to rust and corrosion, it provides an excellent bond for Gun Kote. Easily applied, K-Phos offers the protection against rust and corrosion formerly available only by means of a complex system of tanks and solutions. Surfaces treated with K-Phos can be exposed to weather for several days until a final finish is applied without losing its protective effectiveness.Chipping and PeelingBecause of the fine crystalline structure of the phosphate coating that is combined with the organic binder, K-Phos provides improved impact and bend resistance, superior to conventional phosphate treatments.TestsIn laboratory tests, steel panels treated only with K-Phos have been subjected to the standard salt test for 72 hours without a breakdown of the coating. Painted panels, scored through to bright metal, after 250 hours showed a fine line of rust only where the bare metal was exposed.Meets Government RequirementK-Phos meets the requirements of specifications Mil-C-490A and TT-C-490 applicable to phosphate coatings.Technical Data
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