the best firearms finish on the market
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KG Rifle Cleaning Kit
4000 K-Phos Pretreatment
1201F Flat Black (air cure)
Site Kote
Site Kote
KG-180 Low Temp Additive
KG-9 Micro PTFE Leather Kote
2404F Flat Dark Earth (Oven Cured)
2402MS Mil Spec OD Green (Oven Cured)
2401DF Deep Flat Black (Oven Cured)
2529 Burnt Bronze (Oven Cured)
2525 Black Chrome(Oven Cured)
2521 Bright Brass (Oven Cured)
2410S Satin White (Oven Cured)
2402S Satin OD Green (Oven Cured)
2402FMAG Flat Magpul OD Green (Oven Cured)
2401HK HK Black (Oven Cured)
Custom Printed Pistol Cleaning Mat
KG Shotgun Cleaning Kit
KG-3 Solvent and Degreaser
KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner
2426L Light VZ Blue (Oven Cured)
2414GEM Gem Blue (Oven Cured)
2411S Satin Red (Oven Cured)
2410F Flat White (Oven Cured)
2405S Satin Service Brown (Oven Cured)
2405F Flat Service Brown (Oven Cured)
2404FMAG Magpul Flat Dark Earth (Oven Cured)
2403F Flat Grey (Oven Cured)
2401F Flat Black (Oven Cured)
2401AK AK Black (Oven Cured)
1204MCM Light Tan (air cure)
1204F Flat Dark Earth (air cure)
1202F Flat OD Green (air cure)
131 results
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