Dip Tank Control Box Unit

For those who prefer to build their own Dip Tank, we offer a bolt on control unit that we use on our tanks. This is a complete control system that will regulate your water temperature and connects to any standard 110-volt pump. It comes with all the hardware necessary to complete your tank though some modifications may need to be made with your specific tank of choice Included:Ready to mount water proof control box unit that works on 110 volt and supports 100 +/- gallon tanks-PID- Programmable Display unit (displays current temp of water and desired water temp)Pump Switch- (turns pump on and off)Heater Switch- (turns heading unit on and off)Heavy Duty Relay Unit (turns heating element on and off)Thermostat 6(ft lead wire)Heating Element (4 ft Lead wire)This is an AS-IS item with no warranty. We cannot guarantee this product as it will have to be modified by the end user.We recommend installation by a certified electrician these are built to order, please allow 5 days to ship.
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