Badger Airbrush Patriot 105 set

$60.00 $115.00
For smaller “one-off” complete finish/restoration project applications of firearms, rifle handles/barrels, small ammunition cases, etc. or for freehand custom art applications the Patriot 105 gravity feed, dual action airbrush is best. The 105 Patriot provides an adequate media volume reservoir for the aforementioned projects, while providing the increased control of the gravity feed airbrushes lower pressure operation. The 105 Patriot airbrush has a .5 Detail nozzle, making it efficient for application of media pigmentations like those of Gun-Kote and Site-Kote. (Note: For intricate custom firearm art, it is suggestible to use the PRO-Production Series .3 Super Detail needle/nozzle set up to achieve finer freehand line work. For Spraying Gun-Kote metalics, it is suggestible to use the PRO-Production Series .7 General Purpose needle/nozzle set up.)The most user friendly airbrush- preferred by professionals yet great for entry level Easy to use and maintainSingle nozzle/needle designSelf-centering nozzle assemblyExcellent for virtually all airbrush applicationspencil line- 2" spray pattern
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