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The coating seems to be translucent even though I have sprayed multiple layers. What is going on?

A translucent appearance is caused because the solids have not been properly reconstituted into the coating before spraying. Thin Film Coatings are low in solids and when allowed to sit for any period of time the solids will settle to the bottom. Not mixing well will result in spraying mostly colored solvent and produce a translucent look. Shake the can for a few more minutes and re-spray the parts.

The coating should have come out flat but came out shiny instead. Why?

There are two reasons for flats and satin coatings to come out too shinny or Flat coatings to not look flat enough. Thin film coatings in general will look different if sprayed on a cool surface as opposed to spraying on a warmed surface. Thin film coatings will also look different if sprayed light or heavy.

Thin Film Coatings are generally spayed at the sheen you want as an end result. When spraying, it should take about 3-4 passes with your spray gun to get to full color. Check your material flow to be sure you’re not spraying too heavy.

Why Can't I just use old towels or newspaper instead of this mat?

Old towels and newspaper can make a good mat to clean your gun on, however, they don’t absorb fluids like polypropylene-based materials do. Those fluids can end up staining your floor or your table and sticking back to your gun as a result. Our engineers designed the KG Gun Cleaning Mat to absorb as much gun cleaning agents as possible. It also has a flat, plain surface that makes cleaning more convenient, as opposed to fabric and paper that can get wrinkled while in use.

Why did the finish come out rough?

All of the coatings KG produces should come out  smooth. Rough finishes are generally caused by too much air pressure, the substrate being too hot, too little material flow, how far the spray gun is held from the substrate or a combination of these. Adjusting the air pressure, material flow, preheating and holding the spray gun the same distance from the substrate is critical and when accomplished will yield a smooth finish.

Of all the reasons mentioned above the most common is too much air pressure with the substrate being too hot. This will cause the coating to dry before it hits the part, creating an almost grit like texture.